All our wines are available in boxes of 1,2,3 or 6 bottles.

We offer over 10 models of different packages at prices ranging from CHF 2 .- to 25.00 depending on model and number of bottles.

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The Jomini ”Barrique” and ”Pot vaudois” 1822 are available in wooden crates, marked to the Arms of the Jomini family.

The price is CHF 12 .-
(These crates are manufactured by AFIRO, an aid organization for training and readaption of people with a psychological challenge)


The “Great class” gift set for one bottle, in cherry wood with metal hinges and latch, interior velvet lined.

The best presentation to offer the wine you choose.

After, it can be used as a jewelry box, for cigars or other, CHF 25 .-


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Jomini Gamay
Gamay St-Saphorin
Controlled label of origin
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