Tasting at cellar

The Carnozet, a must for every house that respects itsef in the Canton de Vaud, is in the heart of the house. Stone walls a meter thick date back to approximately 1780, when the room was still a barn.

In the late 19th century, this barn has been converted into a house decorated with yoke press which no longer exists. When Jean-Louis founded the cellar in 1977, he dug under the house and took advantage of restoring a soul to this place that had gradually turned (metamorphosed) into a barn.. Since spring 2002, our former wine storage area is reborn into a magnificent Caveau seating 40 visitors. With an air of wine bar design, this room reveales the old vintages reserves of wines from our area.


The traditional warm Jomini “vigneronne” family hospitality is at your service:

  • Company outings
  • Anniversaries and family celebrations
  • Weddings and Christenings

Various tasting packages, cocktails, etc., catering possible

No room booking fees.

Tasting at cellar

with explanations on the technics and enological traditions + cellar visits

Tasting Package

Tasting + 1 7dl bottle Mur Banc to take away   


  • 3 wines @ CHF : 39.- / person
  • 4 wines @ CHF : 43.- / person
  • 5 wines @ CHF : 46.- / person
  • 6 wines @ CHF : 49.- / person

Tour package and « capite »:

Weather permitting only, we suggest you take a short stroll through our vineyards with explanations of techniques and wine traditions. You can enjoy the terrace of our lovely “capite” in the heart of the vineyards to taste our wines, according to your chosen tasting package. Idyllic location offering a breathtaking panorama, we can accommodate up-to 30 people. Price: 10 .- CHF per person (minimum 100.-)

Price list agape and snacks:

Bread, cheese and sausage: 5 .- / person

Mineral water and orange juice: 3 .- /liter

Butter « flûtes » from artisan baker: 7 .- ea. 250 gr. Package

For questions concerning the organization or the booking of your event, please contact us on +41 (0)21 946 24 46 / info@jomini-vins.ch


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