Our vineyards

vignes_2.jpgLocated above the village of Rivaz at 450 meters elevation, the Mur Blanc (White Wall) is the largest of our different plots with an area of 10,200 m2. Our great vintage the Mur Blanc comes from this plot planted at 85% in Chasselas. The Pinot noir and Gamay share the remaining 15%; together they give birth to our Cafarou. This parcel is the pride of our Estate – and family; that is where you have the opportunity to own 3 Vines in St-Saphorin for four years and more.


On the way through the vineyards leading to St. Saphorin is the well known site called Les Fossaux. L’Espervière, an outstanding aperitif wine, stems from this gravelly soil that gives all the finesse to the Chasselas.


vignes_3.jpgPlanted in 1988 in pinot noir, the slope below the Chexbres rail-road Station has a soil rich in organic matter;
because since 1904, when the railroad reached Chexbres, only grass and a few fruit trees grew on them.


Atop Dézaley on the Commune of Puidoux at the west end of the name St. Saphorin is a small piece of red varietals. Gamaret, Garanoir and Merlot, blended with Pinot Noir from the river Orb region gives the famous Jomini Barrique (blend of noble grape varieties raised in oak barrels) the carachter and robustness of “vins de garde”.


Since 1989, a parcel in the region of Côtes de l’Orbe, in Rances, came to complement our field. The traditional varieties are grown in Lavaux and specialties such as Jomini Chardonnay, the Jomini Sweet and Jomini Rose come from the heavy clay of this distinct terroir soil, often giving much character to
grapes. As in St. Saphorin, this plot is vinified entirely by us.



Jomini Sweet Liquoreux
Assembly Vaud
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